Switching to Antergos again.

Yes Yes i know im the founder of devRant Arch Linux team but im full of those issues like secure boot not working and i need to have it disabled. this is just fucked up because i need it enabled.

So im basically Switching from Arch to basically pure Arch with GUI installer and few cool apps on top.

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    Hey, as long as you can "live" with yourself like that...

    By the way, why Antergos and not Archlabs or something like that?
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    @irene Yes but it has useful packages in it. Like really useful.
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    @Jilano Yeah idk if i can actually. I mean i probably can but well idk. I still havent installed the Antergos so i might still use pure Arch and somehow fix that secure boot shit. But the GNOME lag even if its just tiny and most people arent able to see it is destrying me inside when i see it lag.

    That tiny lag is the biggest reason to go with Antergos. IDK if its some package shit or whatever but well its killing me.

    The system is installed from original Arch repos and Antergos just installs some more packages from its own repo. I might still just look at what antergos installs and maybe install those packages and well it may fix it. But well IDK.
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    @Jilano But hey i like that idea of Archlabs. I will look a what it is.
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    @Jilano Ahhhhhh no. Its still cool and all but well i mean i love GNOME and Antergos installs that for me and it does it properly.
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    Ahhhhhhhh fuck it. Im gonna stick with Arch i guess. Im not gonna be a pussy and im not gonna install Antergos. Im gonna roll the Arch way. The pure WAY.

    Yet im still not gonna use i3wm due to few issues on it where i cant integrate GNOME bluetooth and NetworkManager into it and also somehow i cant use GNOME lockscreen to lock it because idk why they designed it that way.

    If somebody knows how to do all that then im very very happy to switch to i3wm on wayland.
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    Not using Wayland yet but nm-applet and blueman-applet are working well with i3blocks and should also with poly/lemonbar or others if you like managing wifi and Bluetooth grafically. Can I ask why it should be gnome screen locker, i3lock-fancy is really beautiful pixelating your screen when locking. Not wanting to push to i3 but can't see these issues.
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    @marcom idk i just like the screenlocker on it. Its just awesome. Also just installed Antergos just to see if it was Arch issue but it seems to happen here too so i guess today im gonna spend some time installing Arch again but this time im not gonna uninstall it.
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    @irene what i had to test if Antergos had same isdue and hell it did and eben bigger lags. If you are reffering to that crazy comment then it was a joke. Terrible one but oh well.
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    Do u kno de wae?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Ohhhh ffs dont begin that crap here.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Also dont worry. Its running Pure Arch only now.
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    @Haxk20 your "pure Arch WAY" made me remember it. ^^
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