I did know some people would negatively takes my honesty.

To be honest. I don't really like compliments. There's nothing in myself. I never expect any compliment. I'm hideous in fact. That's why I join devRant.

I feel comfortable when no one in sight.

But you know sometime, I feel that I want to tell what I feel. To anyone that don't know me in person (in regards to avoid getting messed up).

Is this a sign of mental disorder ?

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    Mental disorders are overrated. If you want to go through a list of them, you'll find that everyone has one or more.

    You'll also find that being comfortable alone is called being an introvert. As for wanting to tell someone, that's basically, well, people like to call it a human need to interact with people, I like to call it a damn nuisance.

    What's next on the list? Oh yes, not liking and not expecting complements. Pretty sure that's normal enough from a person with a low sense of self worth. To other people you're just another person. If they see something they'll like then they might give you a complement.

    Finally, honesty. Truth hurts, what more can I say. That said, it's also important to remember that what you think is truth might not necessarily be so.

    P.S. this itself is coming from a person whose truth might not actually be so.
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    @BadFox thanks for the explanation !
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    @dev1410 no problem.
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