Fun fact: If you see a developer that wears suits everyday, there's a 90% chance he does C#/ASP/VB.

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    I'd love to wear a suit every day! All stylish and shit... look like a goddamn gangster.
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    You mean as in he has a ton of money for a suit? xD
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    @cobolplz DanijelH Lol. C# developers take life too seriously. That's one thing I noticed about them
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    @leksyib I wouldn't say that's true, maybe part is true because of c# and .NET being more for enterprise solutions and that is bringing along some serious clients but in our company we are all very childish and serious at the same time 😂 ..but no one wears the suit. Only sales xD
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    I don't wear a suit but do have to wear "business casual" i.e. trousers, shirt and shoes Monday to Thursday.

    Fridays there's hardly anyone in the office so it's and unofficial dress down Friday
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    @leksyib probably because they are doing much harder, more serious work.
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    Everyone wears suits where I am except for I.T.

    Only the head of our department wears a suit. The rest of us? Be glad we ain't nekid
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    That means a JS developer wears funky clothes with no money in their accounts?

    Can totally feel it.
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    I have to admit, most suit-wearing developers I encountered were C++ developers, usually working in the banking world.
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    @reeversedev nah. There's always money in a JavaScript developer's account.😀
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    @AleCx04 haha. I have a friend who wears a t shirt, shorts and flip-flops to work
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