You should probably go to bed now. That next line can wait until tomorrow!

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    yea, but i'd miss `;` by then
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    Haven't gotten anything done today.
    Lots of digging through mind-wilting legacy code to find the cause of a bug. Zero progress.

    Going to get yelled at tomorrow regardless since there are two projects the boss wants done, and there hasn't been enough time for either. No matter which I picked, the other was more important. Ofc.

    Now neither are done 😅 because API Guy (my predecessor) is a fucking moron who wrote super-overcomplicated code and has all the programming skill of a second-year highschool student who only came to school for fucking band class.

    `x = y if x != y`

    What. the. fuck.
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    “Ignore x’s actual value and just make it the same value as y”?
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    "set x to y unless x is already y"

    Absolutely identical to
    `x = y`
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    @Root The only scenario I can think of where it wouldn’t be the same is if your != inequality check is based on truthiness rather than truth, allowing x and y to be actual different things. But maybe I’m just overthinking it.
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    Well, I just got up but if my boss asks I'll just say that you told me to go to bed.
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    It's 9AM, but I'll gladly go to sleep.
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