This works: email+rant@domain.com

Spam filtering protip:

Did you know that the email spec allows you to use youremail+something@domain.com and the emails still come to you. This is especially useful when registering to a lot of places where you are not sure whether they will spam you or not. Filtering will be easy because you have a unique email address for each service. Also you can find out which service leaked your email address to spammers.

Additionally if you want to register to a service with two accounts but still want to use the same email, you can do this easily by adding +whatever in your email address.

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    Great tip mate. :)
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    Thx. I actually heard it from my brother a good while ago. I have never heard about anybody else knowing this so I guess it could be useful ☺
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    Use it plenty for testing where a unique email is required every time.
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    It depends on how your domain is configured. You can configure a catch all address to direct to you so that anything@yourdomain.com comes to you. You can also configure your domain to reject mail not specifically addressed to your exact address. However your method is open to abuse as spammers will still spam the domain using common prefixes such as sales@ accounts@ that kind of thing. I used your method for a while about ten years ago but stopped for the reasons I explained. What I tend to do now is just use a separate email address for signups and keep my main address clean as poss.
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    @helloworld agree 👍
    I'm mainly using Gmail for mail and it works with Gmail. I actually don't have almost any problems with spam at the moment. Also using inbox for Gmail which makes it super easy to keep your inbox clean.

    Gmail actually also allows dots anywhere in the email address so with Gmail this should work e.ma.il@gmail.com
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    I think I heard of this before. Great tip either way
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