Some say DC is the best, Some say Marvel is the best,

But deep down we all know, 1GB is 1024 MB not 1000MB

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    You can resolve the ambiguity by using kibi, mibi, gibi... noted XiY instead of XY. XY means 10^(3*X) of Y un every other domain, why not keep it that way and use the other prefixes to signify 2^(10*Xi) of Y ? That's what some do, and I find this solution to be the best, especially XiY which is entirely unambiguous (since there are known abuses of XY, it is now an ambiguous notation, *sadface*)
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    I just google "How much MiB is 1 MB" every time
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    I say "AC is best"!
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    @CptFox Those terms sound idiotic, therefore no one is willing to use them.
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    @ananaszjoe Well at least use them in writing, that way no more confusion
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