But I don't want to add an alias email. Fuck you Microsoft.

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    What do you have against aliases?
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    Then click “or get [...] from us”
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    Sadly "fuckwindows@..." is already taken too 😓 have to create a new Microsoft account every time I install visual studio
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    @b3b3 fuckmicrosoftwindows@?
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    FYI, Gmail does the exact same thing
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    @iKameo it says I have to login with a microshit account. How would a 10min mail do the job?

    Since I don't have to enter an existing email address when creating a new Microsoft account I can create my own 10min outlook mail. Enter random email, enter random other stuff and voila: I have a microshit account that lasts until I reinstall windows (or vs) the next time.
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    @M1sf3t I'm convinced that operating systems can hear you and that they sense feelings. The more you curse them, the less they work.

    I had the same kind of experience with Linux, it just doesn't work so well for me, even though I swear I follow legitimate guides and try to maintain the thing. I get the random lockup or kernel panic or boot error or whatever. Windows just works when I want/need it to.
    On Manjaro this time and haven't reinstalled it in 28 days, and it has frozen/crashed only a few dozen times, that's a record for me.
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    @SauceBoss so you are basially pissed at Google for not providing everything for free. While that is a bit unfair in itself what I really don't understand is how anyone in this community can have anything positive to say about MS and e-mail.
    They have this domain name issue (accounts don't exist on every tld). Have crappy spam filtering. And that point amazes me because the fuckers require every MTA in the world to be registered with them to be able to deliver to their crap!
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