I really miss the days when Windows XP had product keys on stickers stuck to computer cases. If I ever needed an XP product key, I just went to Staples and wrote one down from one of the machines on display.

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    Have a whole bunch if ya need lol
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    I do not condone this, that's pure theft. 👿
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    Well, you just gave the reason why there no longer are product keys on stickers stuck to computer cases.
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    Windows is one of those things that you never have to buy. Like pens, paperclips or USB sticks. I have 3 Windows licenses by now, I only use one and that PC's only use is to copy CDs, so that I can get rid of it and them. It's my only CD drive left.
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    @Fabian do you maybe have a Windows 10 key you don’t need? I’m selling my laptop and it’d increase its value (I know).
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    @620hun Yes, I do. How can I send you a private message?
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    @Fabian stlarowl@yomail.info 💕
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    Better love story than twilight
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    @620hun protip, you can still get upgrade for free, before I done with the accessibility upgrade (just checked and don't think that exists anymore) but supposedly the activation servers are still running lol

    Source: https://zdnet.com/article/...
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