Can't get into details but today took probably like 10 years of my life in the form of stress. On top of that I'm currently the on call Linux engineer so I can't drink much 😥

God fucking damnit.

Just had to get that out.

Just needed to

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    Can't drink.. much 🙃
    Cheers! 😁
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    Won't drink.. at all (:
    Time for me to sleep tho, I've been up since 16h yesterday :x Had to release a feature for the internal platform, I did 3 releases instead x)
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    Oh no I'm sorry :( here's to hoping tomorrow will be a stress-free time.
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    I'd drink just to that lol 🥰
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    Did a server go boom?
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    @xalys hmm, despair of 10 years of stress would be more like "the entire datacenter went boom" I think 🤔
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    @Condor depending on how ‘important’ the client is...
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    Oh no I'm just not the best at handling stressful situations 😅
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    Chop down a tree, that’s what I do when I can’t even. Bonus, there are trees at work too so you don’t even have to wait usually
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    @FrodoSwaggins do you standardly carry an axe? 🤔
    @linuxxx I hope you'll have a quiet night and less stress tomorrow!
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    @CoffeeNcode @Elyz Thanks! I know that this shit will definitely continue tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to that and on top of it I really hope that I don't get called awake tonight 😥
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    @CoffeeNcode I’m legally required to answer no to that question.

    Or punch down a tree if you’re worried about the axe thing more than I am I mean as much as I am
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    @FrodoSwaggins as long as you don't use that axe on people, we're good. And we're even better if you make a bonfire from the chopped up wood
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    @CoffeeNcode I would never* use an axe on ‘people’
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    @M1sf3t or just smoke at your desk and make people deal, chances are they’re the reason you’re smoking anyway ;)
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    We are every one of us wiv you in spirit, bruv.
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    @M1sf3t secret secret ;)
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