I'll try to make this short:D
I'm a CS student atm. at 3 sem.

And I just wanted to ask you guys, how did you improve back when you started developing?

The assignments we get at school never really challenge me, so I've spent a lot of time doing "programming ideas"(from sub reddits and ideabag2) on the side.
But I feel like I've hit a brick wall, as in, I don't think I learn super much from them anymore.
Which is why I've tried to "help" others, but when I go onto stack overflow or try to help on open source projects, I understand nothing and I'm definitely not able to help with anything. (They're all about things/subjects I've never heard of before)

So my question is mostly, how did you guys get from where I am today, to where you are today?

Thanks for even reading this.

(I know java, android dev, and Js/node.js)
(Sry about the English ;D)

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    I'll recommend the same thing I've recommended to everyone I've taught who's asked this - join an open source project.

    You won't jump in there and just understand the codebase right off - that's natural. No-one does that, not even experienced devs. But take your time to learn it, tinker around with it, understand how it hangs together, and then try and take on some of the simpler issues still outstanding.

    You'll gain the skill of working with existing codebases - something that's never taught at uni - and saying "active contributor to (recognised OS project)" on your CV is a great way to get you to stand out from the crowd.
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    When you get an exercise at school see what you know and add a small function to make it better and a bit harder to make.

    Team projects help a lot as well. So does teaching.
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    @AlmondSauce thank you man.
    Do you know any projects or any good sites, where I can find "good" open source projects?
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    Wait until your 5th semester. It'll go downhill from there real quick. alone because of all these meta-subjects.
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    Dont jump into just any open source project. Jump into an opensource project you use yourself already. Otherwise first learn it.
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    @TheCaptain420 Think of something that you might find useful, then search for it on GitHub. Chances are it's been created already at least once, and then you can contribute :-)
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