finally after months and months of just planning and doing boring stuff a piece of code that was really just fun to code and plan for some days:
i just wrote my first "real" parser for a simple DSL. so much fun! i just really can recommend that to everybody.
i've use a parser combinator. the concept of this parser combinator ist to combine simple parsers (like when it starts with a number or a "-" and continues with numbers then its an integer etc) into a big one. i've written it in c# and used "Sprache" first and after some time i switch to "Superpower". a really great lib, but lacks a bit of documentation. anyway, i've your're interested in these things and want learn how your "daily code" gets parsed i would recommend that to you! :)
greetings to all fellow devRanters and happy coding / parsing! :)

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    I use parser combinators all the time in functional programming, they're slickkk
    10/10 would recommend
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