Don't you just love it when you ask Hibernate to fetch some data from DB and it does that for you.?And also updates a few more tables on its way. And inserts a few more rows. And updates another couple of fields..

Isn't that just amazing? I mean.. What could be more satisfying than getting an "ORA-00001: unique constraint (some.constraint) violated" while issuing a FUCKING **GET** METHOD?

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    Tell me about it... I don't know if it's more satisfying, but consider getting "ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allowed for this column".. on SELECT. I mean.. How???
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    @Ghosty yeah...

    And then you remember that there's something called @Transactional(readonly=true) :)
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    I suppose I should have mentioned that I don't even use hibernate and just used your rant to rant about offtopic oracle :) sorry... :)
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    @Ghosty oh.. Wait, wat? Is a plain select qry spitting out this error? :o
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    @netikras yup, plain and simple query. To make matters worse, it's a view in a different db which I'm accessing over db link and have pretty much no other permissions there.
    Fun times 😁
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