Well this is getting out of hands

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    What the fuck... thats like Junior CEO
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    Senior + intern seriously? Who the fuck write those openings ...
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    CEO: “I need a good employee with low salary”
    HR: “Easy just put intern on the job title”
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    For CEO you dont have any requirements...
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    @Gregozor2121 you need money and good with bullshitting
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    company I am working at is literally running with 5 interns and 2 full time (including myself), and they want to expend their business to other countries.

    So how they look for more resources? More interns ofc.

    Fun fact: our company is no longer startup, already mid size and 2 offices in another 2 countries (but those are only business people).
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    @pokerface It'll be fun to watch that ship sink. From the outside, ofc
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    Oh yeah, another gem
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    @Root it is fine, me and the rest full times are already planning to move out soon.
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    You don't understand, it's intern for international. Yours is an open borders company.
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    @devTea hey, did you pick your nickname after the podcast??
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    @geronimo no, I didn’t know about it. I don’t listen to them either
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    Ah yes, the well sort after senior intern
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