I'm gonna need a laptop, and the one I have is too large for my liking. I am just curious as to whether or not I should get a windows laptop and install Ubuntu, or take the extra time to find one with Ubuntu already? Do you guys have any suggestions for laptops around $500?

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    If you take a laptop with Windows just to remove it, then it's better if you buy one without any operating system and you install your favorite distro on it. In my opinion a copy of windows is always useful, so you can consider to keep both.

    If you are looking a laptop with *ubuntu* already installed, you'll have hard time finding it
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    @crisz I believe Dell has a couple of laptops that ship with Ubuntu preinstalled. not sure about the price though
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    Look for one with windows already, be far easier because you'll pretty much be limited to sell for Ubuntu pre installed laptops
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    I'm a big fan of lenovo thinkpads, works great with linux (most models are certified for RHEL but works great with debian as well)
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