Tell some free web hosting also domain free with database get but free

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    You cant get something "Free" never ever.
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    @Mizz141 some tell some best paid cheap host
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    You won't get the entire package for free, simply because its impossible as for expenses.

    It's not "just hosting", it's system/network designers, datacenters with 24/7/365 monitoring, high security, redundancy, security teams, attack mitigation, 24/7/365 on call server engineers ready to stop their personal life at any moment in case shit hits the fan (I'm one of those engineers by the way) and so on.

    You can try 000webhost but they're shit :). Other than that, no clue!
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    @linuxxx Edit: you might get it for free but then: don't expect any uptime or places to go when shit goes down/hits the fan and mostly no support at all or bad support.

    I work at a hosting company and although we're definitely not cheap: you can sleep well knowing that if shit goes sideways badly, an entire engineering team can be called awake to fix it.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of hosting! :D
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    The only thing possible is to get a random free hoster (with all the limitations; use google to find a "good" one; bplaced was fine for me a while ago) and a "free" domain (.tk or similar, but those domains cry "this website is spam or owned by a person who does not want to pay anything").

    But don't expect quality from the free webhosters, for the reasons @linuxxx already said.
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    It would be possible if you were a student, but impossible otherwise.
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    Just use firebase if you are okay with Google holding your data (Linuxxxx will hate me for recommending it). But they got hosting, and includes a real-time NoSQL database with .. well most things, but they will have appname.firebaseapp.com if you don't have/own a domain name. Domain names usually don't cost much though.

    You get a limit each month on how much data you can store & use, but still free.
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    @Stocken Yup, I now officially hate you for recommending a mass surveillance-integrated company :)
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