I decided to try and see if I can live on my 3GB mobile data plan for work and study today. For 3 hours, I just burnt 200MB by ssh, whatsapp, telegram, browsing forums to fix ticket, and reading manuals.

Guess I have to rely on my customer's restrictive WiFi. Sigh.

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    Perhaps go with one of those 25gb data hotspots + unlimited lowered speeds
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    @growling thanks but can't afford to. Perhaps in 2020 when my loans clear off. That's like a year to go.
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    If your own bandwidth is hamstrung severely, you can get around that by remoting into another server off-site, and working from there.
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    @bahua hmm. Like a proxy connection. I like it! I'll probably try that later
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    Well, with a proxy, the data is still coming down to you, through your connection. I was referring to a full-screen desktop session like RDP or VNC.
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    or, for Android, Orbot.
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