My team's program for the Coding Contest.
Need I say anything other than

List<KeyValuePair<int, KeyValuePair<int, ...>>>


var v = list.Key.Key.Key.Value
var w = list.Key.Key.Value


But eh, it worked for the contest, that code is never to be seen again haha

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    Writing code under a lot of pressure does funny things. I handed in an assignment a few weeks ago and legit felt bad for the person who had to read it 😂 how did the contest go? When do you get results?
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    Well the CCC guys still have the code so... Not really never to be seen again :)
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    @Skayo Ah, right, we handed that in for bonus minutes.

    Okay then:

    *never to be understood again :P
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    @filthyranter nice, congrats! There are some funny team names on that list 😂
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    @Elyz Just look at the first place. Only there for food? I don't think so.
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    @filthyranter it was a trick! To lure the rest of you into a false state of security and then smash that contest into the ground!
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    I feel you mate, this reminds me of my wpf university team project. At least you don't have some horrible teacher to make you make diagrams of the software's architecture (not even UML) before you start coding. The project had to be done in 4 months, they made us waste nearly 2 months on that shit and they didn't even like it because of her incompetece in software engineering :'/
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    I would argue that the ability to write and more importantly reason about obtuse code like that when I gets a specific job done and you know it is definitely going to be thrown away is not a bad thing (so long as if there is any chance anyone else ever has to work with it that you clean that shit up) . Overly idealistic code puritans can be just as counter productive as code cowboys.
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    Eh, for a one-time use like a contest I guess it's fine to bodge it together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Related video: https://youtu.be/lIFE7h3m40U
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    Does it really count as bad architecture? I dont think bad class is a sign of bad architecture
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