Almost all of the web apps created by my company

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    Change it :)
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    @amitgupta not getting paid enough, I’ll do it if I’m enhancing it, otherwise I would rather learn new stuff or do my side project
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    ++ for not doing shit if you ain't getting paid enough.

    I have the same mentality:D
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    Same for me, but leave out almost.
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    Nooo 😓
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    Oh, we might be coworkers 😂😂
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    @hell I wish I had a coworker named hell 😂😂😂
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    @Undertaker I don’t have to try my hardest when I’m getting underappreciated, plus I going through master degree right now so I will focus in my career later
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    Luckily my company have a good framework.

    But the downside, there is no documentation. If the core player leave the company... We'll fucked.
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    Hey are you one of the 3 devs I have 🤔
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    @cursee hmmm... maybe?
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