AMD Crushes Intel in November CPU Sales; Sells Twice as Much


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    Are AMD cpus realy better (as more powerful) than intel counterparts?
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    @Gregozor2121 a high end AMD cpu is better than intel with price comparison for consumer level
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    @Gregozor2121 only after Ryzen series, AMD is getting better, for less price, better onboard graphics, more cores, more RAM channels, more PCIe slots, better stock cpu coolers, lesser priced but more capable motherboards. On flip side, more power hungry and core vs core, Intel is better. Intel just milked the consumers due to no competition untill AMD Ryzen series arrived.

    Intel poached AMDs cpu architect too.
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    And Zen2 has the potential to crush Intel at consumer level if 7nm holds up, price is kept low, and Intel doesn't release a new processor at that same level of engraving which isn't apparently on Intel's board at the moment.
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    @irene they do indeed consume more power if I remember correctly they run at 105Watts where Intel is between 70 and 90 or something like that. They also heat more but stock cooler is apparently pretty good not like Intel ones.
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    @irene I might be wrong for Ryzen series regarding power consumption.
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    @Hallelouia not anymore really - the 9900K for example is rated at a TDP of 95W (ish? Iirc), but will actually eat a lot more under full load, and will quickly overheat without a strong aftermarket cooler.
    The actual power consumption of Intel chips has been going up in the last few gens, they're not that much more efficient than AMD at the end of the day.
    The only advantage Intel still has is single-core performance (though not by a huge margin)
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    @endor ok, it's even worse than what I thought after doctoring their benchmarks* they "lie" on the tdp ?

    * apparently they run their hardware on top of the line machines against AMD hardware on mid/shit-tier MoBos.
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    @Hallelouia yep, they're going haywire with their bullshit. Check this out: https://youtu.be/XfGz22ZjeGk
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    @irene no they dont, Ryzen 2700X consumes less than i7 8700K under load, check some articles
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    But AMD CPU'S still BAD for Hackintosh and Android emulator. So team blue
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