so I'm a level developer and I haven't really worked with WordPress that much however I am experienced in HTML CSS PHP JavaScript xcetera and I'm looking to get into WordPress cuz I don't really want to make a cms through laravel Paloma tutorials I found on making more precise of way to beginner and don't really explain a lot. What I don't understand is how the pages work. I'm using a basic bootstrap theme. However I am unaware how to just make a basic home page using HTML it looks like it's using posts and stuff. so my question is is there a tutorial online either video or written meant for people who have already done web development and want to move over to wordpress.

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    It's all "posts" with a post type set to it. This way you can easily extend on it, and add extra types. Google some stuff, combine some keywords like: wordpress, theme, bootstrap, .. you'll land on stuff you can use very soon. (and if you want explanation, mostly the WP documentation will suffice)
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    Ah trying to go the other way around.

    Try to forget all you know from Laravel. Literally all.

    Knowing PHP is enough.
    And read their codex.
    You will be fine. 😁 Hopefully.

    /*** Useful comment start
    you can just write your hello world in index.php of your theme, put the style.css with proper theme info and voila you get your hello world using WordPress.
    Search for WordPress template hierarchy diagram and learn it. Once you master that diagram, themeing is not that complicated.
    After that download _ underscore or brew starter theme and learn how they write.
    * End */
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