My friend - the admin of the Ancient Tor-relay got a green light from his ISP to activate the Exit policy for his relay again!

Bahnhof is a damn good ISP!

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    Do you know how the legal situation is about providing an exit node? I've got a gigabit connection at home which currently mostly sits idle. I also got a turris omnia (not sure though if that would be powerfull enough). As far as I know my provider, they probably would be fine with it (sure I'd first check with them!). But what about the legal situation? If some guy get's routed through my exit node, will I be legaly responsible for it? What about if I don't run an exite node (is that even possible to run a node only acting as middle hop?)
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    There is actually nothing that say that it is illegal to run a Exit Node, but your ISP can get notified because it will generate alot of crappy traffic.

    From what I have heard, read and seen:

    Government agencies and the police know what Tor is and drop cases directly when they know what really is going on.
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    @Wack There's some good information at https://blog.torproject.org/tips-ru... . You can run a middle (relay) Tor node if you don't want the hassle of running an exit node (and the associated complaints).
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    That is great news!
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    Awesome! Free the interwebs!
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    @Jilano to "correct" (not really) AllanTayler314, you can also run a guard relay (the first in the chain) without legal troubles, it's only the exit nodes that occasionally get the police's attention
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    @git-gud (I think you meant to tag Wack)

    But thank you for the informative comment! Always happy to learn new things
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    @Jilano damnit, you're right :D

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