Anyone here good with routers?
How to repair a bricked router?

I just wanted to know that before I brick it.
Tenda AC5

P.S. sorry for putting as rant. I guess I'm bad at searching but want to get more coverage of the question. Also I'm pretty sure I won't be able to survive stack exchange on my own question

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    Press reset button.

    Did you try switching it off and on again?
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    Unless you're flashing custom firmware on it or a firmware update bricked your router, there's often quite little you can do to unbrick it. And I'm not talking about "oops, I disabled the DHCP - can't get to google, I must've bricked it" ... I'm talking about "resetting does nothing and no lights are blinking" bricked.
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    If you want to just factory reset the router, look for a pinhole with "Reset" written near it, push down and hold the button for about 15 sec (some routers require to be turned on with the button pressed down, some will reset even if you push it down and hold it for 15 sec when it's already on) to reset.
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    @electrineer @theKarlisK @bahua will be flashing openwrt firmware for an unsupported processor
    The processor is closely related to supported processor
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    @gitlog careful - if you manage to flash it and brick it then there's no way to unbrick it. If you manage to flash it and it boots but nothing works, you can return to factory firmware by flashing any available router update as firmware.
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    @theKarlisK thank you
    I'll check that
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    @rEaL-jAsE what?
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    @rEaL-jAsE sorry I didn't get you
    For internet, I've my mobile data and college WiFi both
    For firmware, I'll be using openwrt

    Edit: typo
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    @aaronpaker I don't think that was anything but spam and hence reported it
    This was based on your history too (duh)
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    @dfox it would be great if I could at least downvote this spam as the report button obviously has no effect
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    @dfox what even is the point of the report button?
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