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    Not for programming but for the eyes
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    @const Dark theme is worse for eyes. Scientifically proven.
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    and bright, light themes in a dark environment are better? The problem isn't really the theme but the light at all - but I hate artificial light. It isn't feeling right and a bright environment, too... I prefer dark places (:P) and therefore dark themes.
    I don't think I am the only one...
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    @Irithyll No, light theme in low ambient light is not comfortable. I'm using dark themes myself when at home, since I too am not a fan of having bright artificial light. I'm living on ground floor so for privacy reasons always have my windows covered by curtains and so it is dimmed and using dark theme makes more sense in this scenario. You could try and adjust color temperature and keep light theme without thousand suns burning your eyes, but I'm not sure if it better or worse for eyes.

    However, when I'm at work and ambient light is close to daylight in intensity, it is better (objectively) to use light theme.
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    @AL1L I only have this Stack Exchange answer, but it contains plenty of references (including journal), so certainly not Quora "quality".

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