Flutter 1.0 is announced and they even planned to make Flutter for the web in the form of Hummingbird. Exciting times.

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    Another web framework is exactly what the industry needs.
    Praise the lord of the light for saving us from the hell in which there is <∞ number of web frameworks
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    I'm kinda excited for Flutter tough, despite being in dart and despite not even being a mobile dev :D
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    @ananaszjoe I do see some potential for flutter on the web. Just look at react and react native. Now imagine the react native stuff to be propper native instead like flutter is and then imagine at least to have the controller logic to be exactly the same for your js as for your native apps. If you add a new feature, you just write the logic once and won't have to wait for 3 teams, 3 q&a, etc. So I guess it could be a good thing...
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    @ananaszjoe yup Dart is pain in the ass sometimes compared to modern languages but Flutter saved me from all those ceremonies need to be done in native app, and more fun developing in Flutter than native. :D you should try it
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    I hope they would port flutter 2.0 to typescript like they did with angular.

    Or abandon it after a year like they did with bunch of other products.
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