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    I'd say Aleppo, some hovels in Mexico, and all of Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
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    Agreed. When I was in Italy some years ago, they had renovated the tower. Sure, the leaning was kind of impressive, but it looked brand new. Talk about destroying history.
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    they actually only cleaned the white marble in the last 15 years.
    two decades ago they also injected some stuff in the ground in order to reduce its incline and prevent it from actually falling

    any real crap made on it, new concrete pourings or similar are from centuries ago, then late 19th century, fascist era and just post-WW2 era (by a bunch of indecent "experts" from various countries). too bad

    (i lived 200m from that leaning thing for a few years... pisa sucks anyway 😆, tower or not)
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