how would one get data off of an android phone with a smashed screen and is locked

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    - If everything is synced with Google you have your answer
    - USB tethering?
    - Removable SD card
    - Install a TeamViewer or similar app remotely then start it automatically (should be possible I think)

    Edit: I think the "where's my phone" feature unlock your phone since it calls it directly. Might be worth looking into it.
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    - no
    - phone is locked I think touch is dead too
    - the photos are on internal storage
    - would be able to install but no clue about starting

    might look into the call from find my phone later

    also I can't seem to get ADB in recovery and no ADB enabled elsewhere
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    @BadMeetsEvil I just thought about that too. If the screen is still "readable" that should be okay.
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    An USB keyboard might me better for unlocking.
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