a little later for wk131 but:

To build a completely open platform for everything we have right now... operating systems, manufacturing etc...

The basic idea being serving a line of products under the platform's branding with an algorithm to control which open source implementation of the underlying architecture is most stable/efficient and keep switching them out. This is incredibly ambitious.

A reward based system to power this based on contributions. Example: if the open platform oled manufacturing industry uses a manufacturing process you came up with ... You get paid until well another person's process is better and it gets switched out.

Ideal modularity tbh.

Switching out parts of apps .For example : if the most efficient map algorithm is created by X it will be used. Payments split up as better forked implementations appear.

It's a thriving fun environment. Fuck job stability. Humans weren't meant to live like that. Hunt an animal today or you won't get food tomorrow.

On the plus side this will close the intellectual gap in the current generation.

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