I have multiple but one of my biggest ones:

Build an entire suite of services which can replace the popular Google/microsoft/facebook (etc) services.

Of course: privacy respecting, preferrably everything possible end-to-end encrypted.

Because fuck mass surveillance and those companies and if I can do anything to fuck them (quite literally) and help people getting to user friendly alternatives, I'll do the best I can.

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    Haha same as mine more or less. We might need to work together
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    I feel a very similar desire
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    Imho we need an even better connection in the community to prevent someone rebuilding the same thing again because the original thing lacks one feature...
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    Except so many “consumers” find value in the exact privacy-violating “services” Google/Microsoft offer. And those services can’t really exist fully without tracking tons of personal info.
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    @stackodev To both those things: that doesn't make it right.
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    @stackodev which is why they have no right to exist
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    I always wonder... How much computational power had google to run its search engine 20 years ago?
    Today I can't see any self hosted search engine, if not for meta search engines.
    One day I found yaci, a distributed search engine, I tried it, but it needs a lot of work, or maybe a bigger user base.
    I want to run the search-engine locally! How much network does it consume? How much memory?
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    @linuxxx count me in.
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    would love to make my contribution.
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    I would love to be part of this!
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    @mngr searx.me?
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    @linuxxx it is a metasearch engine! If I understood correctly it uses other search engines to perform a search.
    I am thinking about the real search engine
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    Can I sign up?
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    @mngr Elasticsearch. Lucene.
    Regarding commercial ones - IDOL.
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