Yes!!! Only took one morning.... (changed the Downloader from WebClient to Selenium to get past the bot check, cant find old rant)

Good test for new PC other than games I guess... I can code and compile my projects.

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    Paper in bulk is really heavier than you'd think :')
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    @xewl nah, this is my Dilbert comics scrapping app, didnt get around to fixing it til today... because spent like last 2-3 weeks on an interview and playing games
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    @billgates well... I try to cohere to 1 or 2 competitive matches of CSGO, or something else per night, but lately I've been tired out mostly because of DST changing and just that damn depressing winter-feeling, in combo with being away for 12h/day already for my job including commute.

    I'd love to finish or work on a side project, but keep it in the weekends when I'm up to it.

    So hereby; Congratulations on fixing something you actually wanted to fix :p
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    @xewl I'm actually on vacation this week so finally got around to it.

    I needed to feel somewhat productive instead of binging on games and movies (at least for a few hours)... Although this isn't exactly helping.

    One problems is I have so many scrapers I have a lot of things I need to process (3 months of comics, 200+ saved TED talks, Reading list).

    Thought it get around to it this week but games have taken up 20hrs so far... And that not including the time it took to install them...
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    @billgates Black Friday made me scour for game keys longer than I actually played that weekend.. dem feel right..
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    I stand corrected.... :(
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    @billgates hah, where's the rest lmao
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    @xewl not sure what you mean but apparently I have 300 not 200...

    These are the transcripts cuz reading is faster than watching them talk. L
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    @billgates oh, I missed the count there, looked like there only were about 20 at first.
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