everyone got the same hardware because senior dev liked it

So my project team was allowed to buy some hardware (monitors/keyboards/mouses etc.) so teamleader asked what we want.
senior dev: i need 1 monitor because i like to work with 1 monitor. i prefer this 27' zoll 4k monitor for around 1k dollars. since i work with multiple pc's i like this bluetooth keyboard and mouse because u can pair them with them and switch witch a click between the pc's costs around 300 dollar (1 setup of this costs 1'300 dollars)

me: so i like to use 2 monitors because i tried out multiple setups and this works for me the best (also what i have at home). but they dont need to be fancy. 2x 24' zoll montitors for each 200 dollar are enaugh (together 400 doller)
i also only work with 1 laptop and would like to have just a simple keyboard and mouse with cable because everytime they dont respons or battry runs out im fk triggered. so for me its okey if its this 30 dollar keyboard and 20 dollar mouse. it would be cool if i could get this mechanical keyboard for 80 dollars but not really needed. i only prefer mechanical keyboards a little bit more. and also i would like this mousepad i really like. it makes the mouse super responsive it's also just 10 dollars (this setup cost 510)

so at the end the teamleader was like. ah u know what senior dev has more xp and knows whats better for coding so we only buy this for every dev. but that 10 dollar mouse pad is okey u can get this extra its not that expensive.

WTF why u dont give me the cheaper setup which i more like. and why u even ask.

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    This shit is rather common. It even happens with software tools. As long everything generates compatible output the agile manifesto has that one right:
    '"Build projects around motivated individuals. 
    Give them the environment and support they need"

    Try to highlight personal preferences. It helps if you talk to someone with major physical difference. People tend to understand that working on a countertop that is far too low or high (e.g. your hight) really sucks.

    Most likely they found it to much of a hassle to order individual hardware and don't want to have a setup that is not good enough or odd for pushing on to a new hire.

    Also i love mech keyboards and hate wireless stuff. It is to sensitive
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    I think that @hjk101 nailed it. They found it to be too much work to order individual setups.

    At a former employer it was almost like that. There we were asked, and then two setups, assembled from our requirements were bought so we could choose and mix.
    Not perfect, but a nice compromise nevertheless...
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    I've worked in one large corporate environment and two small agencies. At the Corp job, I was handed a Mac. At the smaller agencies, I was given a choice of Mac or PC, and even got to run Linux on my PC.
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    Had something similar at my previous job. The company was set on getting me a laptop with a usb hub to connect to two extra screens. This was decided by a guy who classed me "the computer guy", to give an idea of his level of hardware expertise.

    I would not be bringing the laptop with me ever so I suggested a desktop (which would be cheaper and we wouldn't need the hub), but "that's ok, we'll go for laptops". Kind of a non-reason answer but okay.

    The hub didn't work with the particular laptop and we had to send it back for a different model. New model worked but the drivers often crashed and the cpu usage would hover at 40% according to taskman and top.

    The guy who ordered us the gear wouldn't use it himself and was super satisfied. He particularily liked the keyboard because it had media buttons on it, but also commented on how awesome the mouse was because it was black.

    I got to keep it after the job but haven't ever used it since.
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