C#? Should have used Java
Java? So much boilerplate, use node
JavaScript? Terrible language, get some types
Typescript? Lipstick on a pig
PHP? Gross
React? Should have used Angular
Angular? Should have used Vue
Vue? Why aren't you using jQuery + HTML
VSCode? Use vim instead

Stfu, no one gives a shit about your biased closed minded opinion. Your users really don't care what technology you use, so long as they're happy.

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    As a user I’m not happy downloading libraries on my data plan for things that could easily be done vanilla🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @620hun This rant isn't a justification for using any technology you want just because you want to, obviously your architecture should be well thought out to meet the project's requirements. It's a rant about overly opinionated developers who can't help saying "why did you use X, you should have used Y" for no reason other than their own personal preferences.
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    @Mouzourides my point remains
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    Good points. Frameworks suck. Life sucks. I feel your pain. Well justified rant.

    sometimes you are bound to a platform because that is what team members know best, the customer you are deploying to requires it, or your infrastructure limits you. That is ok. We are paid to take in painful things and succeed. But it still sucks.

    If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Working software > code craftsmanship. At least until it becomes prohibitively expensive. Let them know that kindly. But if they want to pay anyways, money is money.
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    @620hun yeah sure. Those kilobytes of libraries add up quickly. /s

    Uncompressed Images/videos are a way bigger offender than any library out could ever be
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    @musician they do? Also, images can’t be replaced. Bad coding practices can be.
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    @620hun as a user you wouldn't know what vanilla is. Other than an ice cream flavor.
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    @620hun I don't think you are understanding the point I'm trying to make.
    The fact that 99% of users wouldn't care about that is besides the point, this rant is not about the use of frameworks vs vanilla...
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    @klekih I am a user. Would you tell your users that “this site is using more data than necessary because we were lazy”?

    @Mouzourides I do. Do you?
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    moot point is moot. Bloat effects either performance/security or manageability/scaling. The end user or the developer. If it effect neither, it is moot. If it effects the developer, deal with it (by removing bloat or rewriting , at least portions, from scratch)
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    Spot on! 😄
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    I agree with this rant. Were to focused on our opinions to respect others. Personally I prefer C# over Java and that would cause a debate or just liking any language can cause a debate. It's true that they all are great in their own way or share the same achievements as others but why do we have to argue about it? If person A is as great with java as person B is with C++ or person C is with Ruby why should it matter as long as their happy with the results and the language?

    And the same goes with editors. I prefer VS Code sue me it has everything I need its convenient, Open Source, light weight, looks nice and has support for everything I need. It's what I like. I've used Atom, Sublime, Notepad++, Vim, Emacs, Nano I like them and prefer some things from them but bruh I just LOVE VSCODE. Now this isnt a debate on vscode and other editors because I dont want that I'm just stating why it's good for me and just my opinion on why it suits me I'm not dissing all y'alls editors cause they're all great. But IDE's I hate them so many features I dont want to use or dont need to use, its heavy software I dont like using but I have to
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    Sftu and stop listening to multiple people.
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