When there's a developer on the doomed aeroplane....

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    What I read.

    "I should get that parachate cause I'm gay"

    Well it'd be comprehendible if it actually did happen with all the gender shit
    (No offense, I'm more along the lines of give less of a shit about others and more towards yourself)
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    I once asked if I could bring my own parachute with me in hand luggage.

    I was told no, because they said it would worry the other passengers.

    I think if I need to use a parachute, its too late to worry about what everyone else thinks of it !

    I ask a lot of questions..

    Did you know you need planning permission to make your own rainbows !

    They are considered a hazard to planes..

    So the next time you are on a plane and its hurtling towards the ground about to explode, you can blame that stupid rainbow !
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    That guy is a priest. He don't need the parachute. God will save him. If God won't save him, than it's the gods will.
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