This is your faptain speaking,
We need backup ASAP.
Severe ++bombing raids by @mishaor. No casualties so far, retaliatory actions will be taken

South Asian devRant Command

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    ay ay faptain!
    my Apple Time Machine backup is running. Usage is 560gb out of 2tb. Estimaded time to back up sync in T -12 sir! Do you need more back up my faptain?
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    weapons free,
    Weapons free,
    Engage at will
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    Hands up! You will be busted by those ++!
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    Taking firee!!!!!
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    10-4 on that Faptain. Squad here is fine. Will send back up on that one, over and out.
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    10-4, CAS is on their way to drop downvotes, do you copy?
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    This is Coyote. We're under heavy ++, requesting suppressive - - at location delta Romeo, I repeat, requesting suppressive - - at location delta romeo, clear
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    i up your 76 with a +99
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    Man down,
    Man down,
    Meds are on the way @BurnoutDV
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    Taking cover, copy!!
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