Going through the codebase...

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    That's how you implement a hugely scalable application without the need of unnecessary databases.
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    My eyes went like ~˛~ ➡️ O˛O
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    I read it like three times, first I saw direct equals for comparison, then I realized it was hardcoded to admin, then realized password wasn't a variable and was also hardcoded--to password.

    My eyes got progressively larger.
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    Ah yes. Perfect security.
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    url plz
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    Way too complicated. I think we should implement username only logins and ban passwords. Just add a rule to the TOS stating that you are not allowed to use other people's username.
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    Sounds legit
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    Reminds me of this rant: https://devrant.com/rants/1656723/.... Rants like these always brighten my day. 👍
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