Was just sitting here listening to hardstyle EDM turns out it's my absolute favorite music.

But i digress.

Reading about the latest eastern europe bank hacks, makes me think about the entire monetary system. If they cannot just reset accounts, that means someone or something actually controls the flow of bits of only a finite amount of bits and how are the checks and balances constructed so new bits cannot be introduced? And i just for the first time understand what blockchain is truly about.

The other thing i realize about myself is my brain's inability to true rationalize large numbers. This is a huge problem for me. Instead of viewing niche areas as areas of opportunity, because 1,000,000 is there same as 1,000,000,000 is the same as 100 in my brain. I just don't actually process the complexity of numbers especially after 100. Having trouble explaining it. I can't rationalize large numbers but rationalize is wrong word, extrapolate? Maybe? fathom? Process? realize the significance? This may seem somewhat arbitrary, but those that can work with large numbers and actually comprehend the significance have a huge edge in many areas, specifically finance. I should most definitely be more in awe of the size of the universe and the number of stars, and even the circumference of the planet than i am.

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    I think fathom is what most people can resonate with. Here's a fancy thought (not original), why not try to 'feel' those with the other sense organs that you have. I mean, look at something that is 1000 times it's normal or feel the weight of something 1000 times normal... you get the idea.
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    You can use exponentiation to represent large numbers, so that figuring out how 100,000 is greather than 100 can be downed to compare 10^5 and 10^2 (5 > 2)
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    Yeah, looking deeper, i realize, it's the lack of significance i place on things not the actual mathematical concepts. I have had emotional issues my entire life and my lack of ability to place any serious significance or feel anything appropriate towards what would be incredibly significant and evoke emotion in an average sample of human beings, just doesn't happen with me. This is the true issue. I have to somehow tap into these other senses a little better. Thanks for pointing it out.

    As an example, I've had close people die near me and it doesn't evoke sadness or anger or anything really. Same with other events that could be considered tramautic to others just doesn't evoke the same level of emotional response. The same is for the significance with numbers. My brain just doesn't trigger the right emotional receptors or i lack some chemical or something.
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    @hash-table this is the source of the idea https://youtu.be/4c1lqFXHvqI

    like you said you just need to try out different techniques to tap into the inherent potential....

    I mean, I'm pretty sure you feel that (2 tigers are more dangerous than 1) is more significant than (101 tigers are more dangerous than a 100)
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    The inability to visualize large numbers is why articles often compare to football fields of area, schoolbuses of people, olympic swimming pools of volume, building-stories of height, etc.

    Not that that helps much.

    Our brains have a few "registers" to store comparisons with, so "10 times as much" is still imaginable. Try imagining a 100 people... you probably resort to 10 rows of 10 people in a square, but imagining a straight line of a 100 people is already very difficult.

    When someone says "60000 people attended the rally" your brain is like... "uh, so OK, that's like ten rows, of ten people, and then ten of those squares... uhhh fuck this it's a lot... I guess like a stadium full? But how big is a stadium? That's like 500 feet? But I can't really picture how long 500 feet is, wait how many schoolbuses is that?"
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    That was a really for TEDTalk thanks for sharing.
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    @user261 1 tiger is dangerous enough for me :3
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    Yet again, I see hardstyle, I ++
    Simple man I tell you!

    But yeah, totally understand what you're saying in there!
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    If they can't reset accounts then it means they didn't have enough auditing mechanisms in place or those were tampered with by hacker(s). You could go with backups, but you would most likely miss some of the transactions, unless of course they were sane enough to write auditing logs to "write once read many" medium.

    Not really sure how... philosophical (?) bits and blockchain come into play here.
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    They cannot reset the accounts because the money ie bits are still in circulation. Just in a criminal's account somewhere or has been transferred to a physical medium ie money/gold.

    It isn't about having backups or auditing systems. It's about some overlord control of the flow of digits. Why it relates to blockchain is you cannot reset blockchain either because of the ledger. Once they are in curculation that it's it, no resetting accounts if they are stolen. Except of course if you hard fork the ledger. Blockchain takes the control away from the overlord.

    In regards to the philosophical part. Essentially, I suck with money. My mind doesn't appreciate the value of items. I fault the lack of placing significance on values or being able to relate to large values. It isn't just about money either, but with everything where sums are concerned. I guess moreso, i don't relate small changes in sums to bigger implications over time.
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    @hash-table yo random I don’t know your upbringing situation but I recently learned of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and while I’m no psychologist and self diagnosis is dangerous a lot of what you’re saying matches up with untreated RAD in adults.
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    Will bring it up with my Doctor and see what she thinks, thanks for the heads up. because having dull emotions where there is no appropriate responses to external stimuli really does suck, unless I was a hitman or criminal or something I guess. But in general, it is like I have some blockage somewhere where there is just infinite sadness, but not the sadness that is typically associated with sadness, like a dull ache or even just a dullness with severe anxiety all the time describes it better.
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