What do you guys recommend to read when starting Electron project with React and Typescript. I'm kinda stuck. :/

I've already make a simple Electron app with Js, but few people recommended me to try React, Redux and Typescript. But idk where to start.

P.S: Tried the boilerplate, reading docs.. I need something that explains what does what and how.

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    @FrodoSwaggins Electron is the "would be nice to know" thing for me. I do mostly Android apps, but recently started to try and make a WebApp.
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    @Hubot-0x58 Well I'm new to this, so I will surely make some mistakes.
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    I tried to learn it too but gave up because of the problems you are facing right now. The problem is that my brain was just wired to object oriented programming, which JS is not. Assigning an import to a variable just looks so wrong 😫
    So far it sounds like you've been using OOP only. So it might help if you try to grasp the basics of JS and functional-paradigm.
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    Cant help you on your specific issue but what I recommend is not to listen too much to people calling things cancer and such. In the end you are probably not trying to build the next photoshop or protools but some nice fun side project.
    I always get annoyed when someone has a question about something and all he get is "dont use xyz - its cancer".

    Electron is nice to build apps very quickly. Most performant? No. Performant enough? Probably yes. Also vs code was built in electron.

    If you have specific questions about ts and react I can maybr help.
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