I way under-quoted this custom CMS.

I thought ContentBuilder.js was going to be a better plugin. Documentation is lacking, I've run into a couple bugs, and the thing looks like it was built 10 years ago with iframes for image uploads...Ugh.

On top of that, I didn't realize how much work certain things would be like the drag and drop menu builder. Yea....it took 4 different plugins to find one that works well with nested items.

I'd say I'm 60% through and need to be 90%. I'll probably start cutting corners unfortunately :(

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    subcontract it abroad?
    It's gonna be a loss any way but this way with less stress and more time for profitable business.
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    The reason I have long time clients is because I refuse to let anyone else do stuff lol. My clients know my quality and expect me to do the work. Every time I have tried to hire someone (internal or contractor), it's turned out horrible and I've had to go back and forth with them so much I'm better off doing it myself. It'll be ok. I'm using this as a learning experience/prototype for a drag and drop CMS I plan on building anyway.
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