Just made few changes to few files and committed with

"Temp hacks" as message 🤫

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    Just know that it might backfire when you git blamed for it 😛
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    I also love temperature hacks. Sometimes just placing a damp towel over your feet at night makes a huge difference in summer.
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    @Duncan 🤣🤣🤣 must maintain a cozy temperature
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    @cursee But honestly I have had to guide friends through a rebase before because of profanity in their commits. 😂

    Me on the other hand, I can be lazy sometimes and occasionally I do one or two irrelevant things in the same commit. I am watching myself a bit more now though.🙈
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    @hash-table I'm pretty much the only lifetime solo Dev of my company 😁

    I do my best to leave meaningful messages. Not for other devs. Just to save my goldfish brain in future. 🤣
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