The week where you have so much to do on different projects, that even if you manage to work on all od them a bit it feels like nothing has been accomplished.
The point of being so tired that even the mildest sickness feels rediculously awful.

And it's friday. I manged to do some work for one of my bosses but the work I want to do didn't really get done and now I have two meetings in which I can say I started doing xyz but couldn't finish it due to bugs and exhaustion. And for the other project I wrote documentation.

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    Hey, you wrote documentation! That's big! It's always ok to give yourself a break and not be so hard on yourself.
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    @julianmd aw. Thanks.
    Was more productive then I thought today but still am hunting a bug. Goddamit. I just want to make a pull request q.q
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    You'll get there! Easy does it! But it's Sunday, so enjoy your day off. Get some sleep and have some wine to take the edge off.
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    @julianmd we just had a concert. So it was a very busy sunday but we are taking monday off x)
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