I have been working on IoT projects for last five years. After using MQTT in many of my projects I have realized that there is a huge learning curve for the beginners to understand and implement MQTT in their projects. The packet structure of MQTT is complex and MQTT packets are difficult to debug. Also customizing the open source MQTT brokers are also difficult for the beginners, and sometimes even for the experts.

To make IoT and Messaging simple, I am designing a new protocol which uses JSON packets for data exchange and is far less complex than MQTT. I am also developing an open source project which will contain a server (with load balancer support), a python client, a Javascript client and a python based load balancer. I hope this project will reduce the development time as the protocol is easy to understand and the open source code is fully modular & easy to customize.

This will be my very first contribution to the open source community. Wish me luck!

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    Im just gonna say this sound really fucking unnecessary

    Also what are people supposed to do with the python client, print it out and stick it on an arduino?
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    @ganjaman or they can use the py client on imx 6, imx 8 or BeagleBone industry. And Arduino? Really? 😂 Have you ever programmed an Arduino using python?
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    Guess you fail to see... Uh... Basically everything

    Aight whatever
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