One year ago I graduated from university college,
Thought I had a stack overflowing with knowledge.
How wrong can one man be?
Very wrong, apparently...
Even though I only had a bachelor degree,
I landed a job at a nearby company.

Today I'm maintaining the code I wrote back then,
Seriously wondering if I could just write it all again.
The code I wrote I would consider a crime,
But it's good to see improvement over such a short time.
I still dread coming back to this code in another year,
Thinking yet again; "What the hell went wrong here?".

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    Improving your own old code piece by piece using tests could be very helpful for you in both, learning and working with it.
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    Yes, I do wish I had the time to actually do that thoroughly, but when there's a timeframe to keep that's difficult to get done.
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