And now few questions for your belowed frontenders.

1. If you have complete freedom in making of a user interface, how do you settle on a single idea instead of constantly changing your code?

2. How do i make a interface that everybody will like? Are there any free recoruces avaliable on internet to educate me about it?

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    1. I would look for inspiration first and sketch my ideas before coding it .. hoping it will looks great, then make changes if something doesn't looks good.

    2. Everybody like?! hard, but you can confess them what you did is the correct thing by studying website structure, eye movement on screen analytics, color psychology "why did you use these colors", etc.

    Good luck
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    Usually, you first design the intended workflow and then make doing that as easy as possible. An interface has two dimensions of being liked:

    1) Aesthetics. Fonts, colours, forms, layout, whitespace yadda yadda.
    2) Usability. I recommend reading a lot of articles from https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ .

    Interestingly, you can make pretty interfaces that people will like and that are STILL hard to use. Recent smartphones with just a square, triangle as circle as click areas are an example. Once you know it, it's nice, but this trend sucks in terms of discoverability. Usability has been sacrificed for prettiness because designers have stopped understanding that minimalism is a means and not an end.
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    1) plan before coding, always. Stick to the plan.

    2) not possible. This is the land of UX, where you have to do A/B testing, surveys, focus groups, etc.
    You can never please everyone.
    There are some basic destiny courses you could take to understand how Apple's and Google's design work to then use a framework that will probably use material design anyway
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