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    @theNSA jeopardy?
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    It's chocolate milk. The Dutch Santa Claus, which is a more anorexic bishop who arrives around December 5th with blackfaced slaves on a boat instead of elves on a sled, is accompanied by the tradition of giving chocolate shaped like letters, usually the first letter of your name.

    This is chocolate milk with a letter on the front, because chocolate milk is always nice to receive.

    The question marks were added so shops could set up displays with the letters, but because supermarkets always hire retarded 15 year old kids who have NO FUCKING CLUE WHERE THE WALNUTS ARE LOCATED WHEN YOU ASK THEM.... ugh. Well. You get ????E??????:)S.

    I have no idea why I get furious about this around midnight. I fucking love chocolate milk, but fuck supermarkets.
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    @bittersweet zoals gewoonlijk :)
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    The Riddler strikes again
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    I missed one letter :(
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    @bittersweet That is the best explanation of Dutch Santa I've seen.
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    @bittersweet Hahaha I bursted out in laughter at 00:30, sorry house mates 😅
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    Reminds me more of editing a binary file
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    What do I do now? Do I get out of the store, change the final part of the letrer and then enter again?
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