I really hate to have a non-technical Scrum Master...
He makes these long meetings to explain EVERYTHING to him and ask us help to be on meetings with clients in case "he over commit us" with more work.
I've had cool Scrum Masters but not like this dude that is a pain in the ass...

PS. he's good friend of the boss... so I'm sending him videos about what his role should do 😕

PS2. Fourtunately, he's about to be switched to another project soon.

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    Wait it out, pray for something better 😂
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    Looks like yr company is using scrum without understanding it's concepts.
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    Aren't scrum meetings meant to be short? 🤔
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    @Emphiliis yup, he's the only one who do that way, the good (I hope) thi g is that today he was switched to be tester, but was like that over a year
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    @ajit555 yep we decided to tell them the situation and well, I think they would do something. For the health of the team I hope so.
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