This isn't my week I guess 😅

After my study (application development) I wanted to get a job but wasn't sure about a dev position. Everyone recommended me to go for a Linux one since I've been a Linuxer for 8 years now (7 years then)

Applied to numerous jobs and was invited to an interview with a hosting company for a Linux (support) engineer position.

CEO asked good questions, didn't need to see my diploma and we basically had a good time talking.

15 months later I'm still working here!

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    Awesome! Cool that they didn't even ask for your diploma. Real skill based interview.
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    @Traser Yup! I never studied anything relating to Linux but I'd been fucking around with it for years and thus had enough knowledge to get a job :)
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    @Traser I offered to show it to him by the way, he was like "nahh, no need for that, your cv and this conversation tells me enough about you for now!"
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    @linuxxx That's just great! I think we need way more of those people. A lot of the recruiters only care about your degree but not about the real skills.
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    when I read the first line I thought "uhoh, what happened?". Nice to have a positive twist ;)
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