Sir, please write a simple program, just a very basic one.

me: Writes Hello World in Python

Didnt get the job.

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    What did they expect?
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    @J4s0n a fully functional commercial app that is now they're property, but they call you if you got the job lol
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    int main() return 0;
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    // thespin.js
    (function _(__){__('___');_(__);})(console.log)
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    Maybe a setup file, with a script *directive* to launch your program?
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    I think he meant for you to write it in BASIC.
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    I don't know what he expected, could at least specify simple
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    Next time, try to comment and modularize everything, like:

    //Function to print 'hello world'

    def print_hello_world():

    print("Hello World")

    //Call function to print 'hello world'


    p.s. just kidding, don't go this far.
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    Probably already decided who they were gonna hire and just did it for formality.
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    "You didn't get the job!"
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    it’s because it’s python they did not like that... lol
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