Today, my dad can finally ditch his iPhone 4 which is passed down from my eldest sis to my mom and to my dad, all thanks to my brother-in-law getting a Samsung Galaxy J7 on Black Friday.

Finally. No more Apple bullshit in my house!! NO FUCKING MORE!!! *insert hysterical laughter* GOODBYE STUPID 20-PIN CHARGER CABLE~ GOODBYE ITUNES~ GOODBYE ICLOUD~ FUCK YOU!!!

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    I hate apple too but on the other hand it lasted long and served well. Hats off.
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    @hack Tbf, yea, that thing sure lasts but apps and things don't work well, even FB apps what pretty much a wrapper for m.facebook.com
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    So pretty much from apple to google?
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    My iphone 4 still boots up, and runs... awkwardly, and my 6s is getting slow at times but I think it’s got another 12 months in it before it’s a real problem.

    Apps out grow the phones resource capabilities, even shitty ones with no real use besides launching a wrapper browser and logging everything you do - who knew that was resource intensive 🤷‍♂️

    Devs are getting lazy, hardware is at a point where you can write piss poor applications and still have them run relatively well on newer devices.

    The dev world has gone to shit somewhere along the line, and older device users are starting to see this affect first hand.
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    @linuxxx Got pi-hole installed and convinced parents to use DDG, also bloatwares removed. Not sure if that would help though. Can you give me some advices?
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    When friend ditches Apple phone for Android

    Me: "Huh. Why you changing?"

    Inner me, in imagination: "ANOTHER BEING YOU SHALL NO LONGER HOLD HOSTAGE" *yeets phone into sun*
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    @PythonTryHard If you're really about removing Google I'd go for a custom rom without Google services, have that to my parents as well!
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