Stolen post about stealing content has more upvotes than the original. And now I stole his content and made a third post.

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    Welcome to reddit.. oh I meant devRant. Damn how did I mix that up 😱
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    *cues Lion King's Circle of Life*
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    @C0D4 I’ve wondered what the overlap between Reddit and devRant users is; I imagine it to be substantial. But the question is whether or not users are familiar with the culture and memes in both groups, not to mention whether Reddit humor would even be welcome here (I mean, this isn’t Reddit — but some things are inherently funny).

    But devRant will of course develop its own culture and associated “inside jokes”, such as this content theft joke (I actually reported the first one until I realized the genius of it, but I don’t know how to recant my initial report). Plus perhaps a culture of griping/ranting will (hopefully) instill some sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps. With that said, we should not allow this garrulous excuse of a comment to distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.
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    Upvoted you to 11 so now the re-stolen stolen post has even more upvotes than the stolen post and the original post.
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    @blockchaintacos I’m sure there’s a fair amount.
    The meme section of devrant seems reposted reposted reposted reposted reposts from reddit hours later 🤷‍♂️
    Which makes me wonder why repost here anyway of you can just go their for that anyway.
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    Should I make a post about this?
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    MY EYES 😰
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    @nukasev I would ++ :)
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