I am an intern getting paid $25/hour for fullstack web development. Their brand new full time frontend web developer, getting paid at least $75,000/yr, just wrote these lines of code:

if(this.ackBy !== null && this.ackTime !== null)
this.acknowledged = true;
this.acknowledged = false;

This. Is. Far. From. His. Worst. Code. This isn't even surprising to me. How does this incompetence find work in this field

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    Well.. he does only get paid $75k. Don’t expect much.
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    So, how'd you do it? I'd do it like this myself...
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    (keep in mind that I don't know any context, just seeing this little piece of code)
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    Wish I were being paid $25 😅 only get half of that... Still in college though, so not sure how much I can expect
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    @halfflat No clue, I'm mainly a php dev and Linux engineer, have done quite some JavaScript but it's not my specialty :)
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    $75k/y in NY is pretty entry-level.
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    @Avyiel for CS internships in NYC it's pretty standard
    @bahua it's an entry level position in NYC
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    @halfflat that's where my mind goes too... This is just an easy example, he's shown himself to be incompetent in Plenty of other ways
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    @Cheeseypi Did you see my comment? Genuinely wondering :)
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    You know what I like:

    bool b = (expression)
    ? true
    : false;

    100% serious btw, please burn me at the stake because I wasted two lines of vertical space
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    @linuxxx which? The way @halfflat would do it is how I would too
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    @Cheeseypi That looks more efficient indeed but I wouldnt call the other solution entirely crap; it's a little longer but it works and does its job without much overhead :)
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    @linuxxx it's not so much that code as that code is an example of the thoughtlessness that goes into the rest of his work
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    A} $75k is not much
    B} give a dozen developers a task and you'll likely get 11 solutions that work, some more 'elegant' than others... but that's a fuzzy-assed bit of criteria
    C} someone mentioned debug which I find valid use
    D} not knowing what refactoring, code review, or even what role this code plays in whatever application, etc have or haven't taken place, comments on code quality are premature
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    @ModernShoe I was wondering why you newlined
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    @tmpnull expression is easier to read with the second part of the operation out of the way
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