I am really really regretting learning Ionic Framework as my first JavaScript Framework

Now suck it up and learn React...

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    Oh wait can't you use ionic with react since V4?
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    No...no...I am going to suck it up and learn React

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    react native is more better that ionic
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    But I hope you know the basics.

    I mean HTML css Javascript Typescript.

    Without that you are fucking fast at the point where it becomes complicated.

    Framework independent.
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    Well... Seeing that I have been dwelling in ionic for quite some time... HTML CSS and angular is a prerequisite... So yeah

    JsX though...HTML in JS ?
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    Than much fun 👍😁
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    If I'd start with mobile apps, I probably would go with flutter right now. Google is pushing it and together with firebase it looks like a more complete system.
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    @edwardcjk jxs is fine.
    If you know angular or vue it will be no problem to pick up. Its just a little more javascripty instead of a custom dsl.

    They do pretty much the same thing in the end
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